I have been writing music since about the age of 11, and have found that I like to work on things in a project-based manner. I am constantly writing new stuff, and as soon as something cohesive gets completed, I plan to release it digitally in some form.

My most recent releases (via Record Union) include:

Older "albums / musical projects that are cohesive" can be experienced via the player above. Information about each project as well as lyrics are available below. Enjoy!

PS Don't miss The Whiskey Sessions! (page in swedish) DS

S.M.A.S.K. / Känner Du Som Jag?

Recent Guitar Stuff

A New Direction?

UP promo

It's All Wrong

Time Breaker soundtrack

  1. Spheroid
  2. Slice
  3. Where Am I
  4. One More Day

Tobias Olsson contacted me in 2004 about doing music for the brick-breaker game he and Daniel Toll were developing, and this is the result. Where Am I definitely echoes what was to come later (can you figure out which song?), and One More Day is one of those old pop songs that didn't make it onto Introverted. I definitely had a lot of fun making music that was different genre-wise from what I usually did, and I think that my production chops benefited greatly from this project.

Completed in 2005, Time Breaker was also the first project under the Spell of Play banner, and has led to more games and creativity for all of us involved. Be sure to check out all our free indie PC games on the hUb.

Funk Revival


UfoPilot II soundtrack

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