prio v2.3


prio is an evolving tool intended to help people prioritize their lives and stay organized.

prio can help you make difficult prioritization less painful, and also make sure that you don't forget about important things that you have to do.

Currently prio is in a closed testing stage, but if you want an account to help it evolve drop me a line at:

johno (at) johno (dot) se


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prionews submitted August 23, 2010, 14:48:00

You can now change the labels of retired tasks. This is important as it retains the retirement timestamp, whereas activating them (in order to change the label) would destroy this information.

- - - -

prionews submitted August 17, 2010, 13:29:39

You can now see your retired tasks in a graph representing the displayed timespan (Retired Tasks tab). I'm thinking that it might be interesting to show how rates vary here too...

- - - -

prionews submitted August 09, 2010, 07:56:14

I have implemented a new History view that aggregates retired tasks and submitted logs into a single feed. You have the standard label and time filtering options, as well as choosing ascending or descending (time) order for easier reading.

- - - -

prionews submitted August 08, 2010, 22:21:34

You now see which labels that you are currently "punched into" displayed in the Punch Clock tab.

This way it is easier to see if you are still punched into something when you log out.

- - - -

prionews submitted August 08, 2010, 21:46:10

I have removed timing functionality from Logs and instead implemented that stuff in the new Punch Clock.

The intent is to be able to log the amount of time spent on a given label; punch in when you start working and punch out again when you stop.

Every single 'work session' is logged, and I expect to generate interesting statistics from this data.

- - - -