prio v2.3


prio is an evolving tool intended to help people prioritize their lives and stay organized.

prio can help you make difficult prioritization less painful, and also make sure that you don't forget about important things that you have to do.

Currently prio is in a closed testing stage, but if you want an account to help it evolve drop me a line at:

johno (at) johno (dot) se


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prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 22:00:47

I have added a basic "how to" section to prio, available once you log in.

- - - -

prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 20:06:24

At Mad's suggestion I have added the projected completion date for all tasks at the top of the prio gui.

Active Tasks now also displays all tasks for all labels (alphabetically sorted by label) by default. Per-label functionality is the same as before.

- - - -

prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 18:05:24

I have added per-label display of: days / task, tasks / day, and projected completion date. This information is available when viewing Active Tasks.

- - - -

prionews submitted July 13, 2010, 16:34:46

Added "estimated task completion date" to user stats. This deserves an explanation...

I've always been bothered by the tendency of various software development methodologies to include "task estimation" as part of the process. In my experience nobody wants to estimate (it is too hard / not precise enough), and also no one cares if their estimations are off or not, due to any number of factors / excuses.

As part of my original vision for prio I am now calculating a projected / estimated completion date solely based on historical data. As long as you have retired any task, prio can calculate your completion rate and therefore also a projected completion date (based on your rate and the number of active tasks you have left). The numbers and dates in the user stats section of the login page is based on all tasks, regardless of label, for each user.

Of course, some people will argue that this is at least as imprecise as traditional task estimation, and perhaps feel that this is just another useless statistic. Personally I've always wanted to see my own "productivity" rate calculated in just this way, and the biggest bonus (for me) is that it's completely automatic, doesn't require estimation, and is based on real historical data.

Do with it what you will!

PS Similar calculations will soon be available per label. DS

- - - -

prionews submitted July 01, 2010, 16:42:33

Time-filtering (month / year) is now enabled for logs as well.

- - - -