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Software Development Services

Having been programming since 1993 and as a firm believer in agile software development practices, I can deliver business value for your investment quickly and reliably.

I offer comprehensive architectural consultancy as well as development services with all areas of software development, with a focus on computer games and game development tools. My areas of expertise include:

As an active indie developer I have lectured extensively on independent game development, as well as held courses in multiplayer/network programming, game architecture, as well as toolset design. See my software resumé for more information.

Musical Services

I've been an active musician for over 20 years with experience in a number of genres. I offer both instructional, session-based, production-oriented and compositional services within all areas of popular music. All my publicly released works are here, and additional information can be found in my musical resumé.

 contact: johno(at)johno(dot)se