The Whiskey Sessions started when three old (by this point) musicians met to get reacquianted and drink som whiskey. The whole think quickly turned into a recurring even about booze, music, and on-the-spot creativity. We get together, pop the cork, and get cracking on writing a song. The goal is to compose, write lyrics, perform and record an entire song in a single evening, preferably before the neighbors start banging on the wall or the audio interface burns up.

We often mix and master when we've had a chance to sober up, but we are proud to challenge ourselves to achieve all of this in a short period of time. And it's a lot of fun too......

See below for music, lyrics and photos from each time The Whiskey Sessions have met, in reverse chronological order. Click on a title to see more information about that specific song, and please leave a comment. We hope you appreciate our music!

To get in touch, please don't hesitate to write to us at: whiskey [at] johno [dot] se


2014-11-09_Whiskey38_Faster_03.mp3 (mix: johno)


Time for a new start again. It feels like we've been doing CPR on The Whiskey Sessions for a long time now. We've had problems with finding a venue combined with a lot of varying commitment from our members. This time we tried a new place: mad and johno's workplace at Dreamler. We had a bunch of new colleagues we were curious about The Whiskey Sessions, so that seemed like a good foundation. We also invited our trumpet-Bjorn who brought along a friend who works in musical theatre: Gustav. That was a lucky break. Gustav saved the evening, at least from a vocal standpoint. We got a Balkan-theme going with (of course) a twist towards the sexual. Unusual for us... 'A little bit' of Timberlake-feel, a lot of snacks, and a little too little alcohol, a number of children, a lot of synthesizers (that didn't make it to the final mix) and Song Lyrics Generator; that sums up the evening.

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The Whiskey Sessions uses Ableton Suite 9