I have been writing music since about the age of 11, and have found that I like to work on things in a project-based manner. I am constantly writing new stuff, and as soon as something cohesive gets completed, I plan to release it digitally in some form.

My most recent releases (via Record Union) include:

Older "albums / musical projects that are cohesive" can be experienced via the player above. Information about each project as well as lyrics are available below. Enjoy!

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  1. If Only   +lyrics / info
  2. All But Gone   +lyrics / info
  3. World's Falling   +lyrics / info
  4. Rain   +lyrics / info
  5. Be Where You Are   +lyrics / info
  6. Nothing To Say   +lyrics / info
  7. Optimistic   +lyrics / info
  8. To Touch You   +lyrics / info

Completed in 2003, Introverted is my first solo album. The material was written over a long period, ca 1995 to 2003, and is all the stuff that never really fit in a band context, i.e. all the slick pop stuff that I always wanted to do.

I started by recording acoustic versions (guitar and vocals) in my apartment in Lund. After that I approached Ola Strandh to produce the album, but he felt that he couldn't really get a handle on what it should sound like because the basic tracks were so simple. I set about doing a basic arrangement, and after that we moved the midi tracks to Ola's studio at Massive Entertainment in Malmö, where we re-recorded some of the vocals and guitars.

We talked about making the album very listener-friendly; I was at the time very fascinated by the work Max Martin had done on his various productions, and had the theory that no matter how "slick" we made it, it would still be recognizably "me" because of my voice and the harmonies and everything. Some people have however told me that they think it is too slick... :)

Most everything that isn't acoustic or electric guitars or vocals is software (even some of the electric guitars). Ola played drums and sang backing vocals on Nothing to Say.

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