I have been writing music since about the age of 11, and have found that I like to work on things in a project-based manner. I am constantly writing new stuff, and as soon as something cohesive gets completed, I plan to release it digitally in some form.

My most recent releases (via Record Union) include:

Older "albums / musical projects that are cohesive" can be experienced via the player above. Information about each project as well as lyrics are available below. Enjoy!

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S.M.A.S.K. / Känner Du Som Jag?

Recent Guitar Stuff

A New Direction?

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It's All Wrong

  1. I Suppose   +lyrics / info
  2. Here I Am   +lyrics / info
  3. It's All Wrong   +lyrics / info
  4. Ghosts   +lyrics / info
  5. Say What I Want   +lyrics / info

Completed on new year's day 2007, It's All Wrong is about a long relationship that ended very badly. The songs and the lyrics reflect my state of mind at various times in the years that followed.

This was my first attempt at both writing, performing, engineering and producing an entire album myself. I had recently gotten into Ableton Live and thought it would be a good way to both learn a new program as well as to free myself from absolutely requiring a producer/engineer in order to do projects like this.

Time Breaker soundtrack

Funk Revival


UfoPilot II soundtrack

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