I have been writing music since about the age of 11, and have found that I like to work on things in a project-based manner. I am constantly writing new stuff, and as soon as something cohesive gets completed, I plan to release it digitally in some form.

My most recent releases (via Record Union) include:

Older "albums / musical projects that are cohesive" can be experienced via the player above. Information about each project as well as lyrics are available below. Enjoy!

PS Don't miss The Whiskey Sessions! (page in swedish) DS

S.M.A.S.K. / Känner Du Som Jag?

  1. Känner Du Som Jag?   +lyrics / info

Sorry, this mix doesn't include vocals!

I originally wrote and submitted this song for the local Swedish qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. No luck there!

In 2012 I was referred to Björn Bjerknaes-Jacobsen who was organizing the local S.M.A.S.K. at HSU Göteborg, who wanted very much to have my song compete. I put together a superquick minimalist stage show featuring Knut-Sigurd L. Bygland and Camilla Öberg, and Björn helped me with the arrangement for orchestra (which in hindsight I realize wasn't really right for the song, I wanted it to sound super modern... :). We didn't win but it was all great fun!

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