I have been writing music since about the age of 11, and have found that I like to work on things in a project-based manner. I am constantly writing new stuff, and as soon as something cohesive gets completed, I plan to release it digitally in some form.

My most recent releases (via Record Union) include:

Older "albums / musical projects that are cohesive" can be experienced via the player above. Information about each project as well as lyrics are available below. Enjoy!

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S.M.A.S.K. / Känner Du Som Jag?

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A New Direction?

  1. Boom (Ain't Gonna Stop The Music)   +lyrics / info
  2. Daddy   +lyrics / info

At the very end of UP I wrote a song called Boom which was sort of a crossover song; it incorporated more electronic instruments and a less "rocky" production aesthetic. The whole thing is probably a direct result of me using Ableton Live for so long, and that "elements of electronica" have slowly seeped into my music isn't really that surprising considering the styles of music Live is designed to cater to.

Following along in the footsteps of Boom is Daddy, a song that was inspired by Tarkan and of course the inimitable Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was like: "who is your daddy, and what does he do... for you?". I really liked the sexual connotations of that... :)

Also, on some level I think that my old friend Orhan Karagöz has been a factor in my moving towards more "modern" and / or "dance oriented" stuff; he has been doing underground remixes of a lot of my stuff for a long time now. I should really try to find those remixes sometime...

Some people might not hear the difference style-wise, but for me doing this kind of thing has been very liberating. I think that Daddy is one of the few songs I've ever done without any guitars at all. It'll be fun to see where all of this leads...

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